About Us


Waterscape Consultants is committed to providing each Client with the highest quality professional service, creative and functional designs that are cost effective to construct, maintain, and operate.  We provide personal attention throughout the design and construction process using prompt and concise communication to ensure a thorough understanding of each phase.


With experience in over 1,000 planned and built water amenity projects, the staff of Waterscape Consultants has the expertise necessary to ensure every project is designed to meet project specific requirements as well as any applicable local, state, and national standards and regulations. Past projects have included lakes, ponds, river and stream restoration, fish farms, zoo habitats, fountains, waterfalls, swimming pools, diving pools, splash pads, and recreational and competitive venues.


We have a broad range of in house engineering and technical expertise including civil, mechanical, structural, geotechnical, and electrical specialties. A complete network of consultants including artists, computer programmers and animators, biologists, and chemists is maintained to meet any project’s specific needs.