Harry Beckwith III, PE - The Founder

Harry is primarily responsible for the general management of Waterscape Consultants.  Even so, he directly oversees the planning, engineering, and construction administration of each of the Firm’s projects.  Harry has extensive experience with both natural and sterilized water feature projects; and has pioneered or assisted in the development and patent application for dozens of water technology products.  He is accustomed to overcoming budgetary and time constraints through the use of the latest technology combined with a thorough knowledge of applied engineering sciences.  Harry’s involvement in both the design and construction of hundreds of water related projects throughout the world gives him exceptional insight into potential construction methods and costs.

Harry has over 32 years in design and construction.  Beginning in 1979 with design experience relating to fluid and heat transfer in the petrochemical industry, then in 1983 moving into a managerial position with a golf course lake construction firm, and finally in 1995 incorporating Waterscape Consultants, Harry has developed a solid background in all phases of water amenity development from concept to completion.

Previous projects have included a wide range of public and private work as both a prime and sub-consultant.  Harry has worked with numerous developers, artists, architects, landscape architects, golf course designers, engineers, cities, counties, universities, public and private schools, religious institutions, home owner associations, and other entities on over 1,500 planned and built projects in 47 states and 19 countries.  He has been involved in project costs ranging from a few thousand dollars to over $24 million covering a few square feet to over 375 acres of water.

In addition to consulting, Harry has been actively involved in academics throughout his professional career.  He has authored and conducted classes and seminars as well as participating in Architectural and Engineering Continuing Education curricula.  Harry is also an annual speaker at several professional trade shows and conferences.

Harry has also been involved in a number of water amenity related lawsuits both as an expert witness and as a forensics consultant.  This work has given him broad experience in accident and loss research, arbitration, negotiation, case and witness preparation, and trial testimony.